Thursday, June 07, 2007


As the effects of my bizarre allergic reaction finally declines, I’m starting to feel like a human being again. Prior to this I felt like an 85-year-old man: cranky, achy, tired and in general pain.

I consider myself a generally healthy person, but Georgia has done it’s best to prove otherwise. Between stomach parasites that have left me cowering in outhouse, fevers that have left me hallucinating and thinking the dogs barking outside were actually people in the next room getting it on, and now this allergic reaction that left me looking like a circus freak, I’ve had my share of illness over here. And frankly, I’m sick of it.

I wish there’d been a camera around to record the strange swelling of my face. I was absolutely ridiculous looking. Luckily, since the doctors don’t know what caused the food allergy, and since I’ll be eating all the same things once I get back to site, I’m sure I’ll develop it again. When I do, I’ll have the camera ready and can document the unicorn horn I’ll redevelop. In place of those for now I’ve included a before and after that give you a sense of roughly the change that took place, minus the horn I started growing.


Since arriving in Tbilisi for medical treatment I’ve kept a low profile, hobbling between the hostel and the Peace Corps office, going to numerous doctor’s appointments and catching up on months of articles. I’ve been remarkably uninformed on the latest NFL trades and the draft.

Back at my school, nothing is happening. Students and teachers are simply sitting around waiting for vacation to come. So at least I’m not missing anything. However, my host sister just had a baby and I’m anxious to get back to see the little guy.


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