Friday, April 06, 2007

My Favorite People

I'd like all my friends and family back home to meet John Bento. John does not know me personally. He is a teacher in Portland and will soon be a Peace Corps volunteer here in Georgia. Despite having never met me, John recently mailed me a care package. I will list the contents:
1. Three microbrews from the Deschutes Brewery.
2. BBQ sauce
3. Season 1 of Chappelle Show (DVD)
4. Monty Python: Quest for the Holy Grail (DVD)
5. Big bag of jerky
6. Hot sauce
7. Peanut Butter (chunky)

John Bento is now my favorite person in America (not counting my parents and brother who have sent me wonderful care packages and books for my school). But John Bento is not a blood relative. However, he is a great man. His spirit of service extends well beyond simply teaching America's youth and volunteering for service abroad. John Bento also extends himself to give to others less fortunate: Peace Corps Volunteers. Sure John Bento is a generous hero of the people. Of course he is a great man, but don't be intimidated by that. Inside all of us is a John Bento. Inside everyone--even Luther, Total Jim, Pojken, and all my cousins--is a John Bento waiting to burst out. You can all be like John Bento. You can all send me stuff and I will sing your praises and toast to your health and future.

Ryan Nickum, PCV
c/o Peace Corps/Georgia
PO Box 66
Tbilisi 0194
Republic of Georgia

While writing this update I've discovered that there are two other shining examples of generosity amongst my friends and family: Sean Sirutis and Jesse Carew. These fine gentlemen sent me DVD's of Seahawk games (all losses, i think, but it's the thought that counts). They also included books that my students will like, downloaded podcasts of NPR, a VHS tape of the Powderpuff Girls (a cartoon), as well as Mexican seasonings, an eclectic assortment of movies and books, and a calendar of northwest scenery. Bravo to them. What fine young men. I will bring them back ceramic drinking bowls and drinking horns and religious icons which can be used as drinking vessels. Basically anything oversized you can put wine in. People just keep giving that stuff to me and I'm a kind person and will pass it on to to those who mail me parcels. I will never forget those who send me things from home, particularly, NW microbrews. I will never forget John Bento.


Blogger Jennifer said...

That's "Powerpuff Girls," Old Ryan. Powerpuff. Powderpuff is the football game they played at your high school before you all went cruising around town in your Ford Thunderbirds and stopped to hang out at the malt shop for a while before heading to the sock hop or the taffy pull.

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