Saturday, January 27, 2007


Peace Corps service has given me so much: the chance to live in another country, immerse myself in another culture, and pad my feelings of self-worth by bettering the world. Thanks Peace Corps!

However, the best thing about being here is that I got to know Tom Schreiber. The real Tom Schreiber, not that poser Tom Schreiber from Michigan.

Tom Schreiber is completely and totally The Man. He’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met. If I could choose one person, living or dead, to have dinner with, I would choose Tom Schreiber. And if Jesus or Abraham Lincoln were given the same choice they would choose Tom Schreiber also.

Want to know how Neil Armstrong felt when he walked on the moon? It’s probably a lot like how I feel when I get to grab a beer with Tom Schreiber. All that stuff on the Internet about how awesome Chuck Norris is? Total crap. Those are plagiarized accounts about Tom Schreiber.

Why is Tom God’s gift to everything? I don’t even need to answer that. Tom is what he is. Men want to be him and ladies want to be with him. But all that glory and envy doesn’t go to his head. He’s totally laid back, probably because he’s from Cleveland! Cleveland! He’s had three weddings, all to the same woman and he’s never been divorced. How does he do that? He’s like magic or something.

In addition to being the guy who texts me Seahawk scores and game summaries, he also conspires to stream NFL games on the web on Christmas day, and answers all my questions regarding NGOs. But Tom’s an even more clutch friend because he gives the best pep talk in Peace Corps.

When you’ve spent another frustrating and demoralizing day at school and are pondering who lobotomized all your male students and whether you can get a direct flight home to the states Tom is there for you. When you are down Tom comes through with his D-Day analogy speech and makes everything better.

But the coolest thing about Tom Schreiber is he once spent a week hanging out with Anna Kournikova. I don’t want to get into the specifics of it, but needless to say that’s one reason why Tom Schreiber is my idol and hero. He’s also a very good friend and one hell of an American.


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