Thursday, May 31, 2007

Drinking and Dancing with My Students

If you get the chance, the best way to drink wine is to dip a dirty glass that's been used by dozens of people into a plastic barrel and then have a drunk man in a paper crown serve it. It's delicious. And if you're an American well then it's your lucky day because you get to drink two cups with the King of the Barrel himself.

While the priests did accuse me of being an American spy for all the photos I was taking, they are cool guys, sometimes offering me rides, giving me religious icons for decoration and once even paying my bus fare.

Two months before this picture was taken a man in my village offered to help his son bridenap this girl. Luckily the boy refused.

People refuse to believe I can't dance. They keep telling me to get out there, but when I finally do dance I more than prove my point. Many of the students looked on in horror, but most were to drunk to care.


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