Thursday, May 31, 2007

Practical Jokes

I've written often about the glory of care packages. Today, when I learned I'd received one, I dropped what I was doing and rushed to the mail room. An oddly shaped package from Pojken, Chaitee and Bonny awaited. I excitedly began to open it when I recalled a phone call I had with my Mom a few weeks before. She's spoken with Bonny who had warned that they'd sent me a package that was low on goodies and heavy on humor.

Nervously, I opened it. Inside were a number of delicious food products, but most of the space was filled with giant bamboo wind chimes.

I hate wind chimes. I don't mean I dislike them or that they merely annoy me. I mean I HATE THEM. I hate them with every ounce of my being. And there they were. Great big wind chimes. As if Georgia doesn't have enough problems, now this. So I have to find a place to bury them. Maybe i can burn them in winter to keep warm?

Anyway, it was a good prank. I won't dwell on how they could have filled the space filled with wind chimes with delicious tastes of home. I will have a little chuckle, move on, and plot my revenge.


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