Thursday, May 08, 2008


By the Georgian calendar, Easter was a few weeks ago. People greet one another by saying “Christ is risen” and reply by saying “It is true.”

In my village, the tradition is to head to the graveyard on Easter, gather with friends and family, and toast to your departed relatives and neighbors. People wander the graveyard, dropping by to visit other graves and toast to those they knew. By the time you turn 60 (like my host father) you tend to have known a lot of people who have died and it takes a lot of wine to toast them all. After numerous toasts the graveyard becomes to difficult to navigate through.

Prior to Easter, many Georgians fasted (no meat or dairy) for 40+ days. So this day is also a celebration of all the foods they missed, as you can see from my host mother relishing her piece of khatchapuri (cheese bread).


Anonymous Jennie Wyatt said...

So, that is where Ryan Nickum is! Good to see you are spreading the love and making an honest man of yourself.

When you are in Seattle, if you and yours would like another stab at pretend parenting, let me know. I know three little girls who will scare you straight...

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