Monday, April 10, 2006


One of the tragedies of accepting my Peace Corps assignment is I won't be able to dedicate much time to Hazard Industries, an Internet start-up I've been developing with the highly regarded James R. Cooley of the Stanwood Cooley's.

We had big dreams of becoming a sort of small scale Enron. Wall Street was to be abuzz as our IPO shot out of the gates like a steroid-fueled sprinter. We were to follow that up with a rapid expansion, features in Fortune, fame, prestige, questionable campaign-contributions and appearances in charity golf tournaments. Eventually, however, we would have been ruined by the creative accounting and lavish expenditures (marble desks and diamond encrusted collars for our Pomeranians). The end would have been nothing but a flurry of document shredding, congressional inquiries, public humiliation and betrayal. Thanks for nothing Jim.

Since the beginning, we have worked diligently to develop a corporate image that reflected the big things to come. In hindsight I now see the toupee as a rather frivolous investment. But the time and capital invested was not a total wash. My brief stint in the business world will help me during my time overseas. Clearly Jim and I have developed a business prototype that, with some tweaking, will bring a bounty of riches to the small village I'm placed in.

Capitalism is on the march.


Anonymous Jim said...

Ryan, I would be careful about introducing new socio-economic systems to cultures that may not have a full grasp of their depth and complexity. I would suggest you gradually make your way into rich broadband media technologies through a buffer unrrelated to (but not entirely severed from)the ideas and ethos of Hazard Industries. Like posting fart jokes at the local post office.

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